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Transmission and Powertrain Systems 101

Your car is a highly complex machine with many different systems and parts. Two of the most important components of your vehicle are the transmission and powertrain. But do you know what they do and how they work?

If you’re curious to learn more, the ASE-certified transmission repair mechanics at Tires Too in Londonderry, New Hampshire, are here to explain more.

Here is everything you need to know about your car’s transmission and powertrain systems and why they’re critical to your car’s driving efficiency.

What is a Powertrain?

Your car’s powertrain thrusts it into motion. The powertrain sends power from your vehicle’s engine to its wheels. Your powertrain system includes many of your car’s most crucial components, including the engine, axles, driveshaft, differential, and transmission.

What is a Transmission?

Whether you drive a vehicle with a manual transmission or an automatic transmission, this system is a very important component of your vehicle. The transmission system’s main job is to be your car’s gearbox. It ensures the proper amount of power is being directed to your wheels as the car speeds up or slows down.

Why Are My Car’s Transmission and Powertrain Important?

Your car’s powertrain and transmission are important because they ensure your car has the power to go the distance. If either of these two components fails or becomes damaged, your car won’t be able to move forward and will also have trouble shifting gears.

Symptoms of Powertrain and Transmission Troubles

If your car has powertrain problems or a transmission issue, it will experience some telltale signs, including

  • Trouble shifting gears smoothly
  • Grinding gears
  • Burning smells coming from under the hood
  • Leaking transmission fluid, which is thick and red or brown in color
  • Dragging clutch
  • Overheated engine
  • Illuminated warning light on your dash, which looks like an exclamation mark.
  • If you notice any of these issues, call the transmission repair and maintenance mechanics at Tires Too today.

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