Tires, Fluids, And Steering Repair For Safe Winter Driving

Winter is knocking at our door, which means it’s time to start thinking about vehicle preparations. At Tires Too, our team is here to help make your winter driving season a safe one! From tire checks to steering repair, all vehicles have unique requirements. However, vehicles are also united by common requirements. Before the treacherous winter roads settle in, here are few considerations for a safe winter season.

Be sure your tires are the right tires

While some vehicles are equipped with all-season tires, other vehicle owners have several pairs for every season. From all-terrains for the off-road enthusiast to low profile for the performance junkies, come winter, you’ll want to change these out. All-season and snow tires are among the most reliable choices for driving in New England during the winter.

With a quick trip to Tires Too, our team will not only ensure that you’re driving on the best type of tires but that they are in optimal condition as well. From balancing to tread checks, we’ll ensure you and your family are prepared for what lies ahead!

Steering repair is a must

Depending on the severity of your vehicle’s concern, you may have prolonged scheduling your auto repair appointment. However, steering repair is not one that should be ignored! Beyond your tires, having complete control over the handling is imperative. Even if your steering seems just a bit off, it’s time to give our team a call.

It’s time to check in on your fluid levels

Last but certainly not least, while you’re visiting Tires Too, be sure to have your fluids checked. From steering fluid to stale oil, braking fluid to everything in between, each fluid plays a critical role in the overall performance of your vehicle. At Tires Too, we’ll check, flush, and fill anything needing a little TLC.

Don’t wait until Mother Nature makes her wintertime announcement, schedule your appointment with Tires Too today. From critical steering repair to simple oil changes, our experienced team will have your vehicle ready for winter driving in no time!

Contact us today to make sure your family is ready for winter at (603) 434-2730.

Written by Tires Too