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3 Telltale Signs Your Car Needs Suspension Repair Services

New England roadways can sometimes be anything but flat and smooth. The harsh New Hampshire winters can cause potholes, road debris, and other highway hazards. Luckily, your vehicle’s suspension system helps keep you comfy.

But are you feeling every bump in the road? If so, it might be time to schedule a suspension repair service appointment.

The certified technicians at Tires Too in Londonderry, New Hampshire, are here to explain three common signs that your car needs steering and suspension services.

  1. A Not-So-Smooth Driving Experience
  2. Your vehicle’s suspension system is designed to efficiently absorb energy from its tires, ensuring its frame and body stay steady and stable. However, if you’re feeling every pothole and bump your car rolls over, it could indicate suspension issues.

    A bumpy ride is typically a sign of problems with your piston-cylinder assembly. If your ride is anything but smooth, call our experienced mechanics today.

  3. Low-Sitting Corners of Your Car
  4. Is one side or corner of your car seeming to sink? If you notice one side of your vehicle is sitting lower than the other side when it is parked, it indicates that your coil springs are broken on one side.

    If your vehicle is sinking to one side, you must immediately make a suspension repair appointment. Broken springs can lead to costly damages. They can also be dangerous.

  5. Difficulty Steering
  6. A third sign that your car has suspension problems is if you’re having trouble steering, even while driving at low speeds. A steering issue could indicate that your suspension system needs to be oiled or that one of its components needs to be replaced.

    Either way, make an auto repair appointment as soon as possible.

Dependable Suspension Solutions in Londonderry

If you’ve noticed any of the red flags, call the seasoned suspension repair specialists at Tires Too in Londonderry, New Hampshire, today. We’ll quickly fix your suspension or make any necessary replacements to ensure a smooth, comfortable driving experience. To book your appointment, call us today at (603) 434-2730.

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