What Will An Auto Electrician Do For You?

electrical panel truck

You’ve heard of an electrician, but have you heard of an auto electrician? Chances are, you may not have heard of this title, but you’ve already utilized the service. An auto electrician plays many roles in keeping your vehicle operating at optimal performance. Requiring technical skills with extensive electrical knowledge, here is an inside look at the man/women behind the scenes at Tires Too will do for your vehicle.

Auto electrician skills

As we mentioned, this specialized position requires technical skills as well as extensive electrical knowledge in many different makes and models. In a continuously changing and evolving world, staying up to date with diagnostics, electrical repair, installation techniques, and code are just a few responsibilities an auto specialist must maintain.


Using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, your technician can perform and diagnose various electrical issues. Often, problems that arise from electrical sources cause malfunction within other areas of the vehicle as well. Your specialist will find the source!

Electrical Repair

Once an issue is discovered, your auto specialist will suggest the needed repairs to bring your vehicle back to optimal levels. Often, electrical expertise is necessary for areas like wiring, fuses, alarms, and lighting (to name a few). While a traditional mechanic may sometimes be able to tackle the issue, having an expert do the work ensures a seamless fix will all elements affected.

Installation Needs

Beyond electrical issues, there are several aftermarket elements that people chose to install. Many of these items require the expertise of an electrician. For example, GPS systems, upgraded sound systems, and enhanced lighting are components require a specialized skill set. A skill set along with knowledge, and specific tools and equipment to get the job done.

Newer vehicles rely heavily on an electronic CPU to function correctly. Because of this, having a trusted auto electrician at your side comes in handy. From diagnostic testing to working on the most complex electrical systems, this specialized skill set provides peace of mind to vehicle owners.

No matter what the underlying concern may be, Tires Too has your solution. Our team of certified specialists will quickly diagnose and recommend service to get your vehicle running smoothly. To schedule your appointment with Tires Too, contact us today by calling (603) 434-2730.

Written by Tires Too