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Your Complete Brake Maintenance Checklist

Like most responsible drivers, you’re probably already aware of the importance of an efficiently working brake system. Without optimally working brakes, your vehicle won’t be able to stop or slow down, increasing your chances of an auto accident.

In order to stay safe while you’re behind the wheel, it’s crucial to take good care of your car’s entire braking system, including its brake calipers, brake pedal, and master cylinder.

Thankfully, the seasoned brake repair technicians at Tires Too in Londonderry, New Hampshire, have put together a handy-dandy brake maintenance checklist.

Use this comprehensive checklist to keep your brakes in excellent condition.

Routine Brake Maintenance Schedule

Before you do anything else, you need to develop a routine brake maintenance schedule that you vigilantly follow. Here are a few tips to help get you started:

  • Get your brake fluid, and brake pads inspected every 12,000 miles. If your brake pads have less than 1/8-inch of pad lining, they will need to be replaced.
  • Get a brake fluid exchange done every 25,000 miles or every two years. This will boost your foot’s power pressure on the brake pedal.
  • Every time your car hits the 60,000-mile mark, have your brake rotors resurfaced or replaced.
  • The certified mechanics at Tires Too are happy to explain these brake schedule milestones in more detail. To learn more, give us a call today.
  • Crucial Components to Check in Your Brake System

    In addition to sticking to a routine maintenance schedule, it’s also important to regularly inspect your brakes. Some essential braking components you and a certified mechanic should both be checking include:

    • Ensure the brake pedal moves smoothly and is able to be depressed completely
    • Check the brake rotors and drums for uneven wear
    • Replace your brake pads if they’re worn out or if your car is making squealing or grinding noises when you brake
    • Replace the brake fluid if it is extremely dark

    Quality Brake Repair Services You Can Count On

    If you’re in need of brake repair or maintenance services, contact the experienced auto repair mechanics at Tires Too in Londonderry, New Hampshire, today. Call us at (603) 434-2730 to book your appointment.

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