Hybrid Repair: An Upward Trend For All Drivers

hybrid cars charging

In a world more conscientious of carbon emissions than ever before, hybrid and electric vehicles are in high demand. In fact, one of the biggest names in recent news is Tesla. So, ask yourself, are you ready for this inevitable change? How much do you know about maintenance and hybrid repair requirements?

Well, let us make things easy by saying that when you come to Tires Too, you are in the very best, most knowledgeable hands. Because we believe in providing our customers with a superior experience, we understand that keeping up with the times is a must. With continuous opportunities in education and training, our mechanics proudly know the ins and outs of hybrid vehicles. However, circling back to your experience, we also believe that our drivers should understand what is going on and needed.

Because of this, we’re dedicating this article to the hybrid vehicle, recent trends, and what you need to know.

Improved fuel efficiency.

One of the most appealing features of hybrid vehicles is the tremendous superiority over gas powered vehicles in gas mileage. As drivers, we are all well aware of the high prices at gas stations right now. With no end in sight, choosing vehicles that give you the most bang for your buck seems the sensible route.

Hybrids provide the best of both worlds.

If you find yourself interested in options outside of the traditional gas powered world, but aren’t quite ready for an electric vehicle, the hybrid is your solution. As a mix of the two vehicle types, a hybrid allows drivers to fuel up, drive great distances, all while decreasing emissions in a way that is budget friendly.

The trend is catching on across the globe.

While the Toyota Prius paved the way in the world of hybrid vehicles, it quickly became clear that the brand was on to something. It wasn’t long before other manufacturers jumped on the bandwagon creating their own version of the hybrid. Today, drivers of nearly every type of vehicle can find a hybrid model in the lineup. From Toyota to Chevrolet, BMW to Mercedes, this is one trend that is certainly here to stay.

Let’s talk about hybrid repair.

Contrary to popular belief, the requirements of a hybrid vehicle are more or less the same as a traditional vehicle. For instance, when looking at the engine, whether hybrid or gasoline, routine care is a must. However, what many assume to be different is actually the same when it comes to performing maintenance requirements. Whether hybrid or gas, regular tune-ups and oil changes are recommended every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. Depending on the vehicle, the preferred oil, and the driving conditions, this mileage can change.

Another element to consider is the brake pads. In a regular vehicle, it’s not uncommon for brake pads to wear and need replacing. However, when you consider a hybrid, much of the wear is eliminated. So, hybrid owners are actually saving money when it comes to brakes.

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Written by Tires Too