Auto Repair: Debunking Hybrid Car Myths

Hybrid cars have been all the rage lately as they continue to grow in popularity. With new technology ever-changing and developing it is important to have an auto repair shop that can keep up with the technology. But there are still numerous misconceptions when it comes to these vehicles. At Tires Too, we are well versed with hybrid auto repairs. We will make sure your hybrid is back in pristine condition no matter the issue. Check out these debunked myths about hybrid cars!

Myth #1 – Your Hybrid Needs To Be Plugged in to Charge

Hybrids don’t actually need to be plugged in to charge, however, if you own a fully electric car then that plug-in time is required. Instead, hybrids charge their batteries by taking extra power from the petrol engine and regenerative braking. Additionally, hybrids can be powered by normal fuel just like any other car.

Myth #2 – It’s Expensive To Maintain Hybrids

This couldn’t be more false. Due to the electric power, the engine and other mechanical systems don’t have to work as hard as they would in a regular car. This makes the internal systems actually last longer since there is less strain on a regular basis. This goes for the car’s electric motor as well. Because there are fewer moving parts, less maintenance is needed giving it a longer life. No more oil changes!

Myth #3 – If The Battery Is Flat Then The Car Won’t Drive

Hybrids are remarkable in that their internal system constantly regulates the charge of the battery and adjusts its charge accordingly. So the battery should never be flat. Let’s hypothetically say the battery was flat, your hybrid would still move due to the petrol engine. All that to say, your hybrid isn’t just going to run out of battery as your phone does.

Tires Too Is Your Londonderry Auto Repair Shop

Finding the right place to service your hybrid can be difficult and takes a special skill set. At Tires Too, we can help you with our exceptional service without high costs. As Londonderry’s most trusted car repair shop around, your hybrid will be in good hands!

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Written by Tires Too