Auto Repair and Maintenance

Auto Repair and Maintenance in Derry, Londonderry, NH What can I do to help my vehicle last for as long as possible? Follow the schedule for maintenance recommended by the car manufacturer. This includes things like oil changes and tune-ups. It's important to use high-quality parts and fluids that meet the manufacturer's specifications. Check and top off your car's fluid levels. This includes things like oil, brake fluid, and transmission fluid. Low fluid levels can cause damage to your car's engine and other parts. Keep your tires inflated to the right level. This can help your car get better gas mileage and avoid uneven tire wear and handling problems. Use high-quality gasoline that meets the manufacturer's recommendations. Avoid filling up at dirty or poorly maintained gas stations. Avoid driving in extreme weather conditions, heavy traffic, and on rough roads. These conditions can be hard on your car's engine and other parts. Don't ignore any strange sounds or behavior from your car. It's important to get problems checked out early to prevent them from becoming bigger and more expensive issues later on.

Written by Tires Too